Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Hollywood’s Golden Age: Haunted Hollywood, Part Two

One of Hollywood’s most glamorous and elite hotels is also its most haunted. The famed Chateau Marmont has been catering to Hollywood’s elite since its golden age. Its policy of not allowing those without reservations onto the property made it an ideal spot for the A-List to engage in wild behavior away from prying eyes. Its guest list is a who’s who of Hollywood. So is its ghost list.

Among the famed ghosts haunting the premises are Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes. Marilyn was known to frequent the place in life and apparently still chooses to do so in death. Howard Hughes spent much time at the hotel, rarely leaving his favorite room and reportedly still haunts the room today. The character of James March from American Horror Story is reportedly based on Howard Hughes, though the hotel from the series itself is based on the Cecil Hotel, which we will cover tomorrow. 

Guests who claim to have experienced supernatural phenomena have described ghosts who slip into bed beside them, unexplained noises and visits from long dead celebrities. Angela Bassett recalled a frightening visit in which a harmless ghost had neatly folded and put away some clothes she had left out overnight. The most infamous death to take place at the Chateau has also produced the most chilling ghost sighting.

John Belushi seemingly had a successful acting career ahead of him. His career and life would be cut short after he overdosed on heroin in 1982. A family staying in the bungalow where Belushi died reported that they caught their child laughing and seemingly talking to nobody. When they asked him who he was talking to, he told them that it was a “funny man” who was telling jokes. Remembering that John Belushi had died in the bungalow, they showed the kid a picture of him and asked him if that was the “funny man” he was talking to. The boy nodded his head. Apparently Belushi likes making people laugh, even from beyond the grave.